Founded By Harshal Pawar

Unitex (Universal Revelation) Common-Wealth Innovation Organization, was founded by “Harshal Ramchandra Pawar” in May, 2018. A middle class common boy from India had come up with “Unitex”. The Organization is looking for building computational sustainability in review of Universe, Time, Earth & Nature. The main objective is to create world data of humanitarian compact. Unitex is also in formation of 3d, 360* live video content of Universal Space time which can be access to billions around the planet. With the passion of discovering computational knowledge, Harshal Pawar is looking for united forum of  humanitical influence. The Organization is focused on innovation for future, Ideas, Innovation and Human Technological aspect can change the broadways to bring positive creation for coming generations



Universal Revelation or OD2DEFEX contains series of six volumes as follows :

  1. Reinventing the Toilets for people in Poverty 

  2. Getting the Innovation to solve scientific issues of the nature

  3. Sustainability of Environment with Technology 

  4. The amalgamation of Uni-Tech and Ani-Tech in poverty

  5. Leveraging Technology to Improve Sanitation in poverty stricken areas



Learning and teaching are not only important, but defining aspects in the life of this young middle-class boy Harshal Pawar. He has Represented India's commonwealth situations in Harvard Youth Lead the Change, Last year Representing India in  Asia Youth International  AYIMUN, As “Global Diplomacy Amongst the Sovereign Nations” at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He continues to provide Innovative Sustainable Goals to poverty. With a true dedication to sharing knowledge, he had educated and inspired countless people inside and outside of the classroom.



A middle-class common boy from India had came up with "Universal Revelation". Also known as the innovation on Modern Science of Universe,Time, Earth & Nature. With the passion of discovering new ideas, OD2DEFEX is reinventing to overcome Open Defecation with innovative equation in poverty, Here we come with strong determination to bring revolution in thinking of Scientific Technology and Human World.

Sustainable Developed Bio-Made Latrines

 Delivers Water Sanitation at a good rate.

 Filters a maximum amount of water in pits with 7 to 8  persons daily  with   sanitation across. Cheap and easy to use.

 Remove 99% of bacteria from the human dust and maintain detective   methods of cleanliness with the help of Ani-Technology and Uni-Technology.

 Use no chemicals in the filtrate sanitized process.

 Works effectively for at least 5 years

Filtration System of Bio-Detective Latrines

 Bio-Detective latrines are fiber based filter technique of  generalizing germ protection and fertilized methods  inside the pits of latrines.

 Bio-Detective latrines have 100% water recycling process which covers areas having lack of water crisis in places from outside the village and poverty areas.

 Bio-Detective latrines activates energy from the Sun and improves quality of latrines. with a infilter method of cleaning latrines.