Garden Soil

Universal Revelation (OD2DEFEX) is a Common-People's Innovative Organization which was founded by Harshal Ramchandra Pawar in May, 2018. The Innovation motives on Modern Science of Universe, Time, Earth & Nature. With the passion of discovering new ideas, OD2DEFEX is Reinventing to overcome Open Defecation with innovative equation in poverty, Here we come with strong determination to bring revolution in thinking of Scientific Technology and Human World. The innovation is planning to build sustained Bio-Detective sanitized latrines in poverty. 

Universal Revelation (OD2DEFEX) is analyzing the method of maintaining Clean Sustainable Measurements which can help us preventing from diseases and protecting the environment with the amalgamation of Ani-Technology and Uni-Technology to tackle issues most of the poverty stricken areas are facing in India. The Innovation is also in further development (Idea Under Research Survey) Free Internet With High Alpha's Data Speed to every corner of the planet to bring positive change "Poverty in Sustainability of the Earth" which can give access to billions around the planet.